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“The Little Fit’s program through Fit Learning has dramatically improved our daughter’s skills in reading, math, and logic. Her increased confidence is evident to us and to her teachers at school. We were worried about her not being prepared to move to the next grade level and Dr. Corinne and her team have alleviated these concerns and helped get our daughter back on track. She loves going to Fit Leaning, earning prizes and working with the high-energy coaches. We are so thankful to have discovered Fit Leaning and highly recommend their Little Fits program!”

“Our son has been with Fit Learning for 12 months, and his standardized test scores have skyrocketed over that time period. His rate of improvement has put him in the the mid-80s to high-90s percentile range for growth.”  We truly appreciate Dr. Corinne and her team.

“This has been a very rewarding experience for my son. Fit Learning did an amazing job getting my son to the level of reading fluency that he should be at for his grade. Every one of the instructors/teachers at fit was extremely kind and patient with my son. Thank you so much!” – Danielle M.

“Our experience at Fit Learning Cleveland was nothing short of amazing! My twin boys were both extremely behind in reading after Kindergarten (and every year after) was interrupted by COVID. The team at Fit made reading fun for both my boys. Sessions at Fit don’t seem like work when students reach so many big milestones and earn rewards for their hard work. In six short months both my sons went from hardly knowing their alphabet to loving to read chapter books. Every person we worked with was fun, engaging, and effective with my boys. Their confidence blossomed and they are enjoying school so much more. I can’t recommend Fit Learning enough to anyone who has a child that is struggling.” -Sarah M. 

“Fit Learning has changed the trajectory of my children’s education. My son was struggling with reading, and although his teachers were working hard, they just couldn’t give him the individualized attention and plan he needed to catch up and excel. Fit’s detailed assessment provided critical information on his specific gaps, and their fast-paced, engaging, and science-backed approach was a great fit for my child with ADHD and anxiety. He has gone from the bottom quartile to grade level in reading fluency in under a year. It worked so well, we enrolled his twin brother to also close some gaps in reading and math. It’s expensive, but has been worth every penny to be able to stay in public school and give my kids the boost they need to excel.” -Danielle E.

“Fit Learning was amazing for my daughter. Her confidence went through the roof after the first week attending this program. We started going to Fit Learning after my daughter’s first school conference, and it was the best decision we could possibly have made. Two months later, her school conference went amazing and the teachers couldn’t believe the difference. We are so thankful for Fit Learning!!!” -Stephanie P.

“Fit Learning Cleveland is an amazing organization. My student made a goal to move into a higher level math class. With the work completed at Fit Learning this summer, she was able to do so. I have never seen such progress in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Dr. Gist and her team for any struggling learner, or learners who want to move ahead.” -Kara B. 

“Both of my children have been attending Fit Learning Cleveland since October 2019. The progress I have observed with my daughter has been astounding to say the least. She has participated in reading, math, and logic sessions consistently. Because of her progress, I was able to take her off the IEP in May 2020. My son was years behind in math and he is also making substantial gains. 100% worth the investment and time commitment! Also worth adding, the learning coaches consistently make it fun. My kids are motivated to be there, and they are especially motivated to earn cool prizes.” -Sandi L. 

Fit Learning has changed my son’s life. He became not only good at reading but also more confident in himself and his abilities.  I would highly recommend this program to any child, whether it be a struggling student or just a kid that needs some extra repetition.  I am so grateful to have found this amazing program after feeling like there were no more options for my struggling student.  Thank you Fit Learning!- Lisa B.  

“I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Fit Learning. We enrolled our 2nd grader in October 2022. At the time, reading was a huge struggle that often resulted in tears. After her two enrollments, she ended the school year an avid reader, reading at or above grade level. She now loves reading so much we have to fight with her to put her books away. The evidence based approach of Fit Learning is unparalleled.” -Jori M.

“Dr. Corinne and the Fit Learning Cleveland Team have done an outstanding job with my now 5th grader! He started back in February to target his Reading Comprehension skills. COVID-19 happened, and Dr. Corinne was quick to adapt. In addition to Reading sessions, he has done Logic and Math enrollments. The team is excited for his successes, and they are very knowledgeable in identifying when things are hard and breaking the work down to decrease frustration and help him to reach fluency and mastery of his goals in a positive learning environment. Everyone is very professional, educated, and has the best interests of the student in mind. I have seen identifiable growth and generalization of his learned skills. Not only am I seeing it, but the hard work and effort he’s put in have been noticed by his teachers this summer. I highly recommend Dr. Corinne and the Fit Learning Cleveland Team! I’m excited for him to get back to school to apply what he’s mastered and compare his next State Testing scores.” -Christine B. 

“My daughter has gained fluency and confidence in reading through her work at Fit. Even more impressive, she always enjoys her sessions!” -David R.

“Not only has my daughter’s reading improved in leaps and bounds but so has her confidence. We’ll forever be grateful to the educators at Fit for their skill set and their kindness. They have made learning so fun for her!” -Liz R.