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One Year’s Growth in as Little as 40 Hours

Our method is currently the only in the world to combine the most highly tested and researched methods into one comprehensive, instructional approach. The result is a profoundly transformative process that consistently produces one year’s worth of growth in as little as 40 hours, with many students reaching two years’ growth within 40 hours.

Curriculum-Based Measurement: Rate of Improvement Comparisons

This figure represents 40-hour rate of improvement comparisons (ROI) for learners assessed in school districts nationally versus learners who received instruction at Fit Learning. The blue bars reflect the national average rate of improvement for learners in school districts, and the orange bars reflect the average rate of improvement for learners at Fit Learning.

Description of ROI Chart:

Curriculum-Based Measurement (CBM) is a nationally norm-referenced assessment system with over 30 years of empirical validation with respect to its validity and reliability in evaluating the academic progress of students throughout a school year.

Fit Learning utilizes CBM as a means of evaluating the progress of enrolled learners in relation to national norms. Four CBM assessments are included in this figure. Math-CAP CBM refers to an assessment of Concepts and Applications in mathematics that evaluates language-based math skills. Math-COMP CBM refers to an assessment of Computation skills that evaluates the solving of math algorithms. MAZE-CBM refers to an assessment of reading comprehension. Oral Reading CBM refers to an assessment of oral reading fluency.