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Dr. Corinne Gist

Owner and Director

Dr. Corinne Gist earned her PhD in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from The Ohio State University. Her dissertation research involved implementing Precision Teaching and frequency building, two key aspects to the Fit Learning model, to increase creative thinking in school-aged learners. Prior to earning her doctorate, she earned an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology, a Master’s in Educational Leadership, and a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education. Dr. Gist is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP). She has more than twelve years of experience in the fields of education and behavior science, working with students, staff, and families in public and private schools as well as day treatment centers. Dr. Gist publishes in peer-reviewed journals, teaches at the university level, and regularly presents at local, regional, an international conferences. Her professional approach synthesizes scientific rigor with years of applied practice to fulfill her lifelong commitment to helping kids succeed.

Why we joined the Fit Learning network:

Dr. Corinne came across Fit Learning during her doctoral studies. She knew right away that Fit Learning aligned with her professional goal to transform educational practices for all children. The Fit Learning model is the most effective educational model in the world and Dr. Corinne is excited to bring these impactful practices to the children of Northeast Ohio.